Apple OS X Will Soon Look Very Different

iOS 8 may not be the big draw card many think it will be. Rumours abound that the new star of Apple’s annual developer conference may be the next version of OS X. According to reports, the next version of OS X may be the showpiece of the conference.

For a few years preceding, the WWDC has been used to announce iPhone launches, with Mac taking a back seat. In fact, the last time the OS X was the focal point of the conference was in 2007, where the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard was the focus. And it was only in 2008 that the iPhone got its own software development kit (SDK).

According to Apple sources, OS X 10.10 will feature a visual redesign, not different to the one experienced during the move from iOS 6 to 7. All indications point to OS X taking cues from iOS 7, including the shaper corners and more white space. But, do not think Apple will shoehorn its mobile OS onto their desktop. Apple has often reiterated its commitment to keeping i.OS and OS X separate entities. But, the two will be similar and share some of the same design language while the OS X is designed for a mouse and keyboard and iOS is designed for touch.

Apple hasn’t revealed the name for the new OS X 10.10. But, running with past utterance, the new version’s name will be inspired by California. Also, do not forget that Apple has acquired trademarks for Yosemite, Mammoth and Diablo.

It’s all rumours at the moment, with some suggesting that some of the iOS 8 features will be postponed to a future date. With WWDC taking place soon enough, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out what’s next for Apple and their operating systems, iOS and OS X

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