Adobe Voice lets amateurs make videos like a pro

Adobe’s new iPad app, Voice makes video sharing easier and faster. Voice guides you through the often time-consuming experience of creating your own videos, from the conception stage, right through to the finished product; the app makes it easy and possible to create some professional looking videos without the need of possessing special skills or taking up a lot of time.

To begin your video, you will need a topic and story type. Once done, the app will launch a project for your video, complete with instructional cards that give you an idea of what your video will look like. Each card provides a bit of detail on what you should be saying (and showing) on each card, thus providing you with a little bit of direction to help you stay on track and create something that people may actually watch, and be able to follow.

With easy to follow instructions, the app is simple. Tapping on the card, opens it up for editing and for each part of your story, you can add a still picture, text or an icon from the app’s built-in library. Voice doesn’t support video elements at the moment, but the built-in images and iconography look really good. There are over 100 000 images available on Voice and you are free to use them as you please, with Adobe keeping track of everything you use and includes proper attribution in the credits of your video.

Voice records your audio for your video, one card at a time. Once you are done, the app enhances your voiceover to make it sound like a professional recording, rather than something recorded on your iPad. You can also add a soundtrack from the apps extensive library. Track options are organised according to the emotion they’re intended to evoke. Options range from playful, to relaxed, to the dramatic. These tracks are mixed in like score to a movie.

With over 30 different themes built by graphic artists, Voice themes take a page from Adobe’s professional motion graphics program After Effects, and handle things like timing and transitions for your video. The end result is a polished, professional-looking job suitable for just about anything, including business.

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