8bit media, connecting brands with audiences

8bit media believes an organisations ability to effectively and successfully reach a targeted segment or niche of the market is key to unlocking business success. It is for this reason that this fast growing media houses seized the opportunity to fill the gap in the market. 8bit is a digital media entity which represents leading independent publishers in diverse segmented inventory pools. This firm strives to connect brands with highly engaged and targeted audiences.

With a quantified reach of 1 million people generated from the publishers. This connection between brands and audiences is achieved by using display advertising, mobile ready, social applications, detailed reporting, content production, audience targeting, audience building and content engagement.

Display advertising allows for booking of ads for premium display allowing a brand to be visible. Mobile ready provides various tools for mobile ad placement across the network of leading publishers. Brands social presence is driven by leading social personalities with massive social reach achieving the needed social amplification. Detailed reporting is achieved by utilising industry recognised delivery technologies which provide standardised metrics. By having access to opinion leaders and renowned content producers, content production is achieved through published editorial as well as video and audio production. A close relationship has been built between audience targeting and audience building. Audience targeting uses content verticals and audience profile to maximise engagement thereby assisting brands by increasing the audiences.

8bit is the ideal bridge between brands and audiences. They can be contacted on 0824135563.

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