6 Can’t-Miss Apps: Sunrise Calendar for Android and More

We take a look at the 6 best apps for your Android and iOS devices. From apps that help you keep track of all your bookmarks, to Sunrise – a great iPhone calendar that is coming to Android.

Slidely Capture allows users to remix their videos and photos into fun, shareable content and collages. Users start by selecting a video clip from their camera roll, and choosing the best still shots from the clips. After making their picks, users can edit the individual photos by cropping, adding stickers and filters, or putting the images into themed collages. The app is available for free on iOS.

When Google Reader was shut down a few months ago, many RSS apps went with it. Making its return to the Mac App Store is Reeder. It now supports third-party RSS apps, including Feedly, Feed Wrangler and Readability. Packed with sharing options, there are plans to add support for even more services in the future. Reeder 2 is available for Mac.

Organise all your bookmarks with the Stache. Stache is an app that allows you to save screenshots – and collect all of the bookmarks you save – into a searchable grid. The app also backs up all your saved bookmarks to iCloud, meaning users can sync their pages across devices. Stache is available for iOS and Mac.

Sunrise brought its smart calendar app to Android. The app supports Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud; it also integrates with Facebook events, Google Maps and LinkedIn contacts, so users can find exactly who and where they’re meeting. The app is available for iOS and Android. The company also launched Chrome and web apps this week.

The Guardian aims to make the reading experience a more personal one, by allowing users to customize the home screen to suit their interests by selecting specific writers, stories and sports teams. The app is available for iOS and Android.

TwoDots is a spinoff of the popular game Dots. TwoDots is similar to its Dots predecessor; in both games, players must draw lines between dots to connect and eliminate them before running out of moves. The game’s latest version, borrows a few tricks from Candy Crush, such as time limits and bonuses at the end of each round, which make it even more addictive than the original. TwoDots is available for iOS.

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