5 Things That You Need To Know About The New Twitter Version

  1. There is a new book mark feature that allows you to save tweets for later. Previously users were forced to either like or retweet a tweet if they wanted to use it for later. This was a challenge to users who did not agree or acknowledge the tweet but wanted to use it. You can now save tweets without having to like them. Bookmarks cannot be viewed by other twitter users.  
  2. Users now get all 140 characters. Previously the 140 characters included the user handle and this was limiting to the users. Users are now able to express themselves more.  
  3. Twitter has also added stickers for pictures. Users can paste stickers on their photos. It is easy to add the stickers onto photos.  
  4. Twitter users are able to surf while on data saving mode. Images from twitter will not be automatically loaded When your phone is on data saving mode. The new twitter also reveals the size of the image so that the user can make an informed decision on whether they want to open it or not.  
  5. The tweet icon has moved from the top right corner to the bottom right side of the page. The tweet button stands on its own. Photos and videos have also shifted from the left side of a user’s profile to the top right next to the cover image.  

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