4 Ways To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Juiced Up

What was life before Smartphones? Convenient little things that give you directions to your nearest watering hole, the time that movie you’ve wanted to see starts and everything else in between, all with a little swipe. And then they die! You realise you forget to charge your little precious. Avoid this nightmare by following our simple rules to maintaining your battery’s health:

Most of the modern Smartphones come equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which means forget everything you’ve been told about phone batteries before; training your battery is no longer necessary. Why? Because lithium-ion batteries are a completely different beast to the old nickel-based batteries.

Keep your Smartphone battery charged above 50 %. You can take this a step further – for calibration purposes – do a complete battery drain at least once a month NO more, because you will be shortening your battery’s lifespan.

According to the techno-nerds, you shouldn’t be charging your phone for extended period. Although chargers effectively stop juicing a full phone, you should avoid charging to 100%. Overall, short starts and fits of juice are much better than constant zero to 100 charging.

Never let your Smartphone get to zero. Lithium ion batteries are very volatile at zero. Short self destruct circuits installed in the batteries prevent the batteries from exploding. Of course, this doesn’t happen every day, but always better to be safe than sorry.

According to research, your Smartphone is most comfortable at 15°C (59°F). Once you get to up to more tropical temperatures, you risk losing anything from 20 to 35 percent per year. Be mindful about where you leave it.

The best method to charge a Smartphone is by directly hooking it into a wall (as opposed to connecting it to your computer). It charges faster and safer that way.

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