Tired Of Potholes? Download the App

Residents of Johannesburg now have it easier than before. Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) recently launched a Smartphone app that allows residents of the city to report potholes and faulty traffic lights.

Known as Find & Fix, the app is part of JRA’s turnaround strategy, which has seen the organisation turn its eye to the delivery of service. Part of the strategy includes the organisation’s commitment to becoming more accessible to its citizens and road users and to further develop itself as a centre of engineering excellence.

Available on a number of platforms, including Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, Find & Fix allows residents and users of the city’s roads to report potholes, faulty traffic lights, missing manhole covers and other infrastructural defects. At the time of publication, JRA was still awaiting approval from Apple regarding an iOS version, but it is expected to be available by the end of May 2014. Running on the back of the city’s “active citizenry” project, JRA launched the Find & Fix App during the agency’s own “Just Tell Us” campaign. The city is actively promoting the involvement of Johannesburg’s residents in the running of the city.

A first for the Southern Hemisphere, the app features accurate GPS co-ordinates and makes it easy and simple to share multimedia – as evidence – which, it is hoped will help improve the JRA’s assessment of the problem and what is needed to rectify it, thereby aiding efficiency and productivity.

Once the compliant has been lodged, Find & Fix allows the users to track and monitor progress towards a repair. The app also serves as a warning system, providing media alerts on problems affecting specific areas.

Download the Android or the Windows Phone versions.

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