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Top 20 Social Media Sites One Should Consider For Their Brands

1. Facebook– with approximately 2.23 billion Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that businesses can consider. Facebook is very practical for businesses as it is versatile and allows posting of videos, pictures, audios, live videos and narratives. Facebooks also allows interactive conversation which can allow brands to find out what their consumers think.   2. YouTube– YouTube is a platform for sharing videos with at least 1.9 billion users. Brands can create a YouTube...


Top 10 Social Media Trends 2019

1. Storifying social– brands should use stories to capture the interest of the viewers. In most platforms the lifespan of the story is very short thereby allowing brands to experiment and research on user preferences. Stories are captivating and flowery and viewers tend to relate to them. Stories can be incorporated with videos, images and text to capture the interest of consumers. Brands should experiment with different types of stories in order to know their viewer’s preferences. Social media opens doors...


New Social Media Platforms To Look Out For This Year

1. House party-This live group video chat allows users to chat with contacts in their phones via group video chats. It also allows users to chat with a maximum of 8 users. Brands can join in the ongoing conversations as it does not require them to request to join. Brands could make use of influencers to get them involved and enlighten them of what consumers are already conversing about.  2. Amazon Spark-this feed of stories and...


Do Hashtags Work on Vero?

Vero uses hashtags to make your post easy to discover. When a user clicks on the hashtag, they will be directed to other pages with the same information as the one they clicked on. Hashtags also help make articles clearer and makes it easy for users to find related information. Using hashtags will also improve the people visiting your profile to view it. Hashtags will therefore improve the traffic to your brand and connects brands to...


5 Things That You Need To Know About The New Twitter Version

There is a new book mark feature that allows you to save tweets for later. Previously users were forced to either like or retweet a tweet if they wanted to use it for later. This was a challenge to users who did not agree or acknowledge the tweet but wanted to use it. You can now save tweets without having to like them. Bookmarks cannot be viewed by other twitter users.   Users now get all 140...

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Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Telecoms Up To Date

Telecoms is a major pillar in any business enterprise that wishes to thrive. Having the right knowledge on how to go about it is always a good start. Below are the 5 tips that can assist you in keeping your telecoms up to date.

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Avanade — Helping Banks Go Digital

The banking industry is constantly under pressure when it comes to being innovative.This is because one innovative development has the ability to attract thousands of customers.To the contrary, lagging behind can also result in loss of customers. One way in which banks have managed to build and be innovative is through technology and various digital tools available.One firm involved in enabling the smarter digital bank is Avanade.

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Cellucity — Mobile Communication At Its Best

South Africa’s mobile telecommunications and mobile sector has come a long way over the years.The retail environment for mobile phones in South Africa continues to see transformation, as cheaper versions of smartphones enter the market and more mobile phone operators fight for market share across the country. One name that can never be ignored in this sector is Cellucity.

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Most Sough After Tech & Telecoms Qualifications in South Africa

South Africa is a fast growing economy.There is therefore the never ending need for skills to push the economic agenda of the country.The telecoms and technology sector in particular has experienced tremendous which has necessitated the need for more skilled personnel. Below are some of the most desirable technology and telecommunications skills in the country.