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Lakeside Mall Trading Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Public Holidays 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Open Parking:
1200 bays
Total Parking:
3200 bays
Minor Regional Centre
GLA Retail (m2)
59 000
Anchor Tenants
Shoprite Checkers, Edgars, Woolworths, Nu Metro, Game, Foschini Group
Physical Address:
Tom Jones Street, Benoni
Postal Address:
PO Box 25421, Benoni North, 1527
City: Benoni
last updated: 29/09/2015
Vibrant and lively, Lakeside Mall Benoni attracts today's shopper from all walks of life with its convenient shopping, superb range of merchandise and competitive prices. A quality regional shopping centre, Lakeside Mall is well loved for its strong roots in the community in which it is located and its celebration of all things South African. 
Nestled on the southern banks of the Civic Lake in Benoni, the 67 000m² Lakeside Mall regional shopping centre incorporates a number of distinct areas with varied atmospheres - all creating an aesthetically beautiful shopping complex with retail offerings to please everyone. And, over 130 tenants means a wide range of shopping and leisure options. Together with the Lakeside Mall's fun and stylish image it offers the best of everything to the whole family. 
A central feature of Lakeside Mall is the 160 metre-long riverboat, which has been constructed as part of the main centre. The steamer rests at the water's edge, taking Lakeside Mall onto the Lake itself. Inside the main complex is the entertainment area - a 'townscape' with sash windows and cobbled streets. These buildings are based on real structures in New Orleans, right down to the colour of the paint. They give the feeling that you are in the middle of a real town square. 
The mall areas are linked via atria and light-wells, which give a sense of space and light, and create stunning views across the lake, so that the atmosphere in the complex is one of water and open-air spaces.

Listed Stores

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  Name Shop Category Shop Number   Contact Number
3@1 3@1
Services  / U27
Services U27
011 427 1098 Call
Clothing  / U33
Clothing U33
061 535 8504 Call
Banks, Forex & Financial  / N4
Banks, Forex & Financial N4
086 000 8600 Call
ABSA Bank Branch ABSA Bank Branch
Banks, Forex & Financial  / U45A
Banks, Forex & Financial U45A
011 427 2200 Call
Ackermans Ackermans
Clothing  / L23
Clothing L23
011 427 1662 Call
Adidas Adidas
Sport, Outdoor, Goods & Gear  / U31
Sport, Outdoor, Goods & Gear U31
011 427 0073 Call
African Bank African Bank
Banks, Forex & Financial  / L10
Banks, Forex & Financial L10
011 427 0220 Call
American Swiss American Swiss
Jewellery & Accessories  / U48
Jewellery & Accessories U48
011 427 1916 Call
ANCA Shoes ANCA Shoes
Footwear  / L25
Footwear L25
011 427 1288 Call
Arthur Ford Arthur Ford
Clothing  / U47
Clothing U47
011 421 0102 Call
Barcelos Chicken Barcelos Chicken
Food  / L26
Food L26
011 427 1086 Call
Beaver Canoe Beaver Canoe
Clothing  / 
Clothing N/A
Big Dog Pub & Grill Big Dog Pub & Grill
Food  / E29M
Food E29M
011 427 1737 Call
Bradlows Bradlows
Home, Decor, Interior & Furniture  / D02
Home, Decor, Interior & Furniture D02
011 427 0086 Call
Bullion Kiosk Bullion Kiosk
Speciality  / K1
Speciality K1 083 300 8136 Call