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  • Under the Sea l Kids Holiday l 15 June - 14 July l FREE

    Animatronic Penguins. The water cycle and Plastic in the ocean. Plastic in the Ocean facts. Conservation elements: SASSI,SANCCOB penguin conservation. Shark conservation. Adopt and name a penguin. Dolphin animatronic. Virtual aquarium. Shark animatronic. 2m high meganodon jaw. Shark cage for pictures. Shark fossil display and artefacts. Mixed Reality cube featuring an under sea adventure. Virtual Reality Sea experiences - Ocolus Go. Whales hologram education area structured with holograms. Five different whales found on SA coastline. Augmented Reality education station feauturing seafood sustainability table. Take a selfie with our sea creatures in Augmented Reality. Meet our singing fish. Movie area with seating for 20 – The Blue Planet. Fossil display. Animatronic octopus. Animatronic turtle. Kids activation area. Octopus inflatable. Tablet games. Lego play pen. SASSI cards. Colouring tables. Drawing tables. TV with kids movie presented by SASSI on sustainability. *only the sea dragon rides will be charged for *correct at time publishing
    Start Date
    15 June 2019
    End Date
    14 July 2019
    Cradlestone Mall