Yes, actually you CAN sing!

I have been singing for over 40 years. I have studied music and singing for over 30 years, 10 of them with a brilliant teacher who turned me into a singer. I have taught singing for 10 years. So you might say I have some experience in this area. My amazing teacher of 10 years, Norma Biagi, knew how serious I was about learning how to become a great singer, so she told me, “If you want to master the technique, teach it.” It reminds me of another great mentor in my life, John Demartini, who says, “When you teach, you learn,” so to this day I still teach students, and they remind me what I have to do to maintain the voice.

Singing is like running – anybody can do it. The difference between a pro and an amateur is the amount of work that they do. I believe it was one of the Greek philosophers (Aristotle or Plato) who said that it is by our actions that we are recognised. So, painters paint, accountants account, managers manage, and singers sing.

And believe it or not, you are not simply born with the talent – singing is more science than art. If you use the muscles and the body in the proper way, then your voice will automatically improve. The only thing that you cannot actually change is the timbre of the voice, which is the only part where pure ability (i.e. talent) plays a role.

So yes, you can actually sing. The question is, do you really want to? If the answer is no, then you won’t be a great singer. It’s like being a doctor – I really believe that anybody has the ability to become a doctor – but not everybody wants to. That’s when we have fields of specialization, and that’s why everyone has their place in the world.

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