The Fray? Hooray!

It’s not often that the lead singer of a band was so one-minded and clear about his choices that he knew exactly that music was the only thing that he should study. Enter Isaac Slade, lead singer and main songwriter of American rock band The Fray.

Hailing from Denver and born to missionary parents, Slade did a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Colorado, with one of his majors being the music and entertainment industry. Now it’s unlikely to be the case that studying music means you are better suited to a career in music – but it certainly shows clarity of direction, and it was no doubt instrumental in helping the band get their start.

By all accounts, it seems as if this early education led the band to success sooner than most, fuelled in part by lots of practice leading the worship at various churches around Denver. But they have not necessarily identified themselves as a Christian rock group, although the influence is there. Often compared to Chris Martin and his boys from Coldplay, the band has also been described as ‘emo.’ But clearly it’s a combo of bits and pieces that works, as The Fray recently released their fourth studio album.

And BIG Concerts obviously feels quite strongly that their success in the States and the other WASP countries of the world warrants bringing them to local shores. They play The Dome in Jozi on Friday 19 September and the Grand West Arena in Cape Town on Saturday 20 September.

So if you’re a fan, be sure to get your tickets for their shows in South Africa before they sell out.

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