Straddling the border between two careers, part 3

So there you have it: first do the one and then the other, or delegate the one away, or find ways to integrate the two in ways that you never thought were possible, which will overcome the torture that you feel of having to choose between the two. I have used the third option to successfully integrate a music career with one in marketing, which includes having lectured on music marketing, growing my own personal brand, and doing my doctorate in marketing communications, but in the music industry (read the blog post about James Blunt’s undergrad dissertation on music for his degree in sociology).

But if you feel like me, you will know that ultimately one of the two careers will prevail. Deep down in your water, you know where it is that you will make your most magnificent contribution to the world.

I have upskilled myself in the marketing field, and I know a lot about marketing. It is wonderful, and I have used those skills very well for my music career. But ultimately I know, deep down inside, that my career path must be a musical one. I fear the loss of youth, and my brain sometimes gets stuck that not being young in music means I have failed, or that it is somehow a crime. But that’s just silly emotions talking, because nobody has ever said that you have to be young and beautiful to have a music career.

So as I move into the second half of my life, I know that the contributions I aim to make must be inevitably more musical. I know that there is music inside me, that I will find the time and the energy to convert into tangible product, and then let it loose on the market. If nothing ever comes of that, then let it not be said that I did not follow my heart and pursue my dream. In the words of the priest from my favourite movie of all time, Rudy: “You did a hell of a job, kid, chasing down your dream.”

Musica, grata Deo.

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