The Rolling Stones: wrinkly rockers, and smart old men

They are all in their 70s or headed there very soon, and they are all supposedly over the hill. If you watch a movie like Cadillac Records, you will see how people made fun of them when they were first starting out – whether that is true or just for dramatic effect remains to be seen.

They work prolifically hard, even these days, and their monetary wealth shows it. Established back in 1962, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts today form this band, with Jagger and Richards having been there from the start. They never earn less than a million US dollars for a gig, which is not hard, since each show is usually at a packed stadium, and they usually earn way more than that. Their biggest show to date is purportedly the one at Copacabana Beach in Rio, with over a million people in attendance. Their sold-out Fifty & Counting Tour saw 30 dates with over 300,000 in attendance, and almost US$150 million in ticket sales.

Their wealth, their rock-solid music career, and their undying fan base come from 50 years of consistent work – and they may look all old and drugged out, but they are smart, and they have not allowed their years of experience to go to waste. Some people say that Mick Jagger cannot sing, but the Stones logo is based on his mouth and lips, and is an instantly recognisable global icon.

Their great secret to success? Well, because after 50 years, as they say, they’re still counting. A guru once answered his own question, “What is my secret to success? I just have such a great desire to do what I do that I intend to outlive everyone else.” Sounds like something that could have been said by Mick Jagger or Keith Richards.

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