The power of persistence

I guess this blog post will read as slightly more anecdotal. My singing teacher always used to say to me, persistent and consistent work is what makes a voice. After training with her for ten years, I mastered the technique, and am today able to teach singing because I stuck with her, even when it was very tough. She fired me after those ten years, because I always used to give her so much grief. She left this world in 2012, at the age of 81. I only started training with her when she was 66. I count myself as very, very lucky, that I was able to learn from the wisdom of her many years of teaching.

There is another friend of mine, an actor based in Los Angeles, who also speaks of the power of persistence, but he actually speaks of the 4Ps: purpose, persistence, perseverance, and patience. These four key ingredients are what it takes to make it in the world of entertainment. I will write about each of them in a 4-part blog series in the future.

Why am I writing this information here? Because maybe you’re a muso who’s reading this blog, or maybe you’re a friend of a muso, and perhaps you just need to be reminded that even if the road is hard, you cannot quit on your dream. You will find that the musical road is much, much harder than you ever imagined. At a gig I was performing at 10 days ago, I met another muso who is a living example of how tough this industry is. He must be in his mid-50s, so he ain’t all that young. And he is only earning money from music. He plays 5 nights a week at a hotel, and then does private parties on the weekends. He hasn’t had a raise in 4 years, and is too scared to ask the hotel for one, just in case they tell him that the economic downturn has affected them, and they stop using him altogether. But he is a great pianist, and an all-round nice guy, and instead of lamenting his ‘lot’ in life, he was friendly and smiling, and enjoyed being at this gig with me.

I pray that when I am his age, I will have that same fervour for my music career, and the same lust for life – and I hope that you will, too.

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