The power of the mind

Again, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will know that we don’t just discuss music, but life in general as it relates to music. So what does the power of the mind have to do with music?

I was doing my licentiate in singing through Rockschool back in 2009 (let me brag for a moment and say that I was the first person in the world to attempt the new singing licentiate through Trinity Guildhall Rockschool, and I passed it with distinction).

The teacher that I trained with, the wonderful Ina Wiegand, is a colleague of mine, and we were both students of Norma Biagi. She said to me, as she was helping me prep for the exam, that musicans must be some of the most intelligent people on earth, because not only do you need to remember complex rhythms and melodies as you sing, but also lyrics, performance elements, and communicating with the audience.

This leads me to my point (finally): if you’re a musician, you are probably smart, and you need to control that powerful mind of yours, or it will destroy you. In my family by marriage, I have lost a highly intelligent brother-in-law and his son, both of whom committed suicide five years apart. The father (my brother-in-law) was a geography teacher, and his son had just been accepted to AFDA, the film school. Both came from a privileged, wealthy family. So what was the problem? In my opinion, they had both forgotten how lucky and blessed they were, and focused instead on a delusional fantasy of how their lives were supposed to be instead of how they actually were (but the way they were was still filled with many blessings).

I am battling to articulate my point here: musicians have a penchant for recreational drugs, booze, and wild living. Trust me, I am no prude. I am all for a good party – but if you are living your life thinking about how messed up you are instead of how you can use your brain powerfully to perform or write music and serve people, you are headed for a crash and burn. Serve people. Take the focus off yourself, and serve people.

To be elaborated on in another blog, coming soon!

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