Meatloaf: he’d do anything for love, like a bat out of hell

One of my favorite scenes from a movie is one in Notting Hill, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. She is a famous actress, he the ordinary English gent that she has inadvertently fallen in love with.
They finally sleep together, and the next morning as they are lying in bed naked, she asks him if the substance has lived up to the hype. They get into a discussion on boobs, and she expresses that she does not understand why men are so fascinated with them, adding that every second person in the world has them (in reference to the fact that the global male/female population is split about 50:50). He disagrees and adds, “Meatloaf has a very fine pair!”

So aside from his considerable moobs, what else do we know about Meatloaf? He is a sometimes actor, he has sported long hair (so 80s hard-core rocker), he comes across as a bit weird, and his operatically-inclined voice set to rock music has given him a unique and very identifiable musical style. His hit song I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that) is anthemic in its delivery, and his album Bat of of Hell is one of the top sellers of all time.

Again, here is another artist who has supposedly broken the mould in every sense of the word, and the world has applauded him for it. It reminds me of a producer I once had the great fortune to work with when I was still starting out in a new phase of my music career. We were talking about images and styles and how to position yourself in the music industry, as marketing requires artists to do, and he said, “You’ve just got to be yourself – but be the biggest version of yourself you can be.” It seems as if this is a mantra Meatloaf has lived by, and it has certainly worked for him.

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