Kenny G in concert

One of the highest selling artists of all time, Kenny G has single-handedly made the saxophone a hit amongst music lovers.

Perhaps it is the raspy mid-tones of the saxophone that lend it an air of intimacy, or maybe it’s just good positioning, but the sax has earned its reputation as an instrument that is much cooler than the harp or the flute or the oboe or the clarinet. When you add a good-looking man who has a long flowing mane of hair, the explosive combo is smooth and warm, like a good brandy. Of course Kenny doesn’t just play the sax, but he has become synonymous with it.

It’s possibly more difficult to position yourself as an artist if you’re an instrumentalist rather than a vocalist, but with enough dedication to your craft, Kenny G has proven that this is something that can be achieved.

The biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era, when a Kenny G song comes on the radio you’ll recognise it instantly. His music has also graced movie soundtracks and been the theme of many a wedding.

The master of the sax performs on Thursday 20 November at 7pm at The Dome. Tickets are quite steep at between R590 and R1,200, but for the chance to hear someone who is completely in love with his instrument, the price may well be worth the experience. Fans and newcomers will be treated to familiar tunes such as “Silhouette” and “Song Bird.”

Tickets on sale through Computicket.

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