The Foo Fighters are on their way south

Coffee and Boeing are not the only things that the Emerald City of Seattle have given the world. Its major contribution to the music scene is of course Grunge music, and Nirvana was the poster child of that music movement.

But when Kurt Cobain tragically ended his own life in 1994, Dave Grohl was faced with a quandary: how to continue his music career, without the enigmatic frontman of Nirvana. Enter the Foo Fighters, the brainchild of Grohl. It may have been rough going initially, but in the 20 years since its inception, the band has come of age and gone from strength to strength, and is now about to grace Africa’s shores. It couldn’t have been easy, having to build up a band from scratch twice. And perhaps it was even more difficult for Grohl, since he was neither the lead singer of Nirvana, nor their main songwriter. And perhaps Kurt cast a really big shadow. But the man is clearly made of sterner stuff, and decided not to let thememory of Nirvana haunt him. As a matter of fact, his days with Kurt & Co. probably prepared and shaped him for round two of the music industry.

The Foo Fighters will be at Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 10 December and at Johannesburg’s Soccer City on Saturday 13 December. They are joined by Kaiser Chiefs (named after our very own soccer team, such is their love affair with the game, and them of the hit single Ruby) plus local band the BlkJks.
Apparently it’s already way too late to get tickets (unless they’re scabbed), and it’s no joke to fill a 90,000-odd stadium, so well done Mr Grohl. There ain’t nothing you have to stand in the shadows of Nirvana for.

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